Polls, Curation and Native Video Ads – What Twitter’s Latest Updates Mean for Marketers.

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Is there anything that this social media Wunderkind can’t do? Yesterday it was announced at Twitter Flight – the company’s annual developer conference – that Twitter has once again raised the bar with a host of new features, making life all the more exciting for social media marketers around the world. Perhaps most interesting though, is their new easy to use 24-hour polling tool, offering marketers yet another way to spark engagement online.


Twitter launched native polling last month to a few select brands, but the network is soon to roll out the feature to all of its users, meaning that companies can now get the opinion of their followers easier than ever before, and users can weigh in on any topic they feel strongly about.

In an announcement online, Product Manager Todd Sherman said, “If you want the public’s opinion on anything…there’s no better place to get answers than on Twitter. For poll creators, it’s a new way to engage with Twitter’s massive audience and understand exactly what people think. For those participating, it’s a very easy way to make your voice heard.”

Now, whether you’re deciding on if the ref made the right move, or which dress people prefer, it’s as easy as the tap of a button. The feature works by allowing you to create your own two-choice poll from the ‘compose box’.  The poll will then stay live for 24 hours in the form of a Tweet, giving users the chance to weigh in. People can vote in any poll, and how they vote isn’t shared publicly – meaning that users might get even MORE opinionated (gasp!). Even better, after the poll expires, Twitter will send a notification to all those who took part, prompting them to go and see the final results.

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But what does this update mean for brands and marketers specifically? Our Social Media Executive, Melissa Botha had this to say about the upgrade:

“Twitter polls will be an invaluable tool for both marketers and brands alike – providing an opportunity to better understand followers and find out exactly what they think. Using this feature will allow for easy development, administration, and a cost-effective way to collect data from Twitter’s large audience.”


Other new Twitter features set to launch include:

Native video ads for apps.

New curation tools.

Improved ways to install apps from curation tools.


All in all an exciting new step for Twitter, marketers and users. Keep an eye out for the polls being rolled out on iOS, Android and Twitter.com in the coming days. We can’t wait to see what weird and wonderful polls will be popping up in our feeds in the next few months!

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