Beer and bowling, the truth behind team management

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I`m a believer in the cohesion of the “team”. I think “team building” is a necessary and often underplayed component of general rat race policy. That is why, and I feel I must, congratulate MVI South Africa in its unfailing and keen commitment to the unity and uh…intimacy of every day spent in the sleepless world of online marketing. I must further congratulate them on their recent “team building” enterprise:

MVI South Africa intrepidly left their computer terminals, blinking and gasping in the morning sun, to participate in that underestimated task of Ten Pin Bowling. The strength and solidity of the “team” was first demonstrated by its collective indulgence in both beer and tequila, at 9am, securing the fortification and expertise that is so necessary in the bowling arena. The boss, or I refer to her rather as “Empress of the Curve Ball” slugged forth an onslaught that no pin could withstand. Thereafter, blow-by-blow, the team applied its concentration and balance on the floor, demolishing both pins and beer bottles, and slaking its “team” thirst with efficiency and short-lived, but adequate poise.

There are no winners in a “team building” exercise, although it must be said that our secret weapon: James, “Lane-Walker” Anderson achieved a victory that was made all the more intense by the failing equilibrium of some, unnamed members of the “team”. All in all, it was an unprecedented victory in the name of computer geek socialisation – an exercise that improved communication to the extent that whole sentences were used to communicate thought patterns. High-fives were had all round, although no intra-team personal boundaries were breached.

On Monday morning the “team” was still giddy with its newly established unanimity. Eyewitnesses report that some members actually “groaned in horror” when covert videos of “team” performance were uncovered, and watched in suitably private audience. A unanimous “team” decision was then made to burn the footage among advertisements for the Purple Cow, in the MVI South Africa refuse bins.

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