Apple Samsung Patent War: Will It Stimulate or Stifle Innovation?

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apple samsungAt the end of last month, Californian courts ordered the South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics to pay $1.05 billion in damage to Apple, over patent claims made by the US hardware and software manufacture. The Apple Samsung patent dispute was viewed as a crushing defeat for Samsung, not because of the monetary loss, but because of the ground the company lost in the global war of Apple and Samsung patents. With international pending court cases between Samsung and Apple, as well as other technology companies, experts and consumers are wondering what the outcome to this technology war may be. Will it spur innovation, or drown it in legalities?

Apple Samsung Patent Claims in Japan

Samsung recovered slightly from its August loss when courts in Japan decided that the South Korean company did not infringe on Apple’s patents. However, Samsung’s win in Japan also reminded the world of the global scale of the Apple Samsung patent disputes. There are currently over a dozen Samsung Apple patent disputes in session around the world, keeping the two technology giants in close competition with each other, both in and out the courtroom. However the court’s decision, which stated that Samsung did not copy Apple’s technology that synchronizes music and videos, only had a fraction of the impact as the US ruling, as the Japan market is minute compared to the US market.

Apple Samsung Patent Claims Internationally

The Apple Samsung patent claims will receive different results in countries because of the different attitudes that nations have towards patents. The U.S in particular is more stringent when it comes to patent and copyright infringement. However, the underlying concern with Apple is not the growing market share that Samsung is currently enjoying, but the increasing adoption of Android operating systems over Apple’s iOS. In Japan, Android enjoys 58% of the local market share opposed to Apple’s 38%.

Will Legalities Trump Innovation?

Many analysts agree that the Apple Samsung patent war is an indirect battle with Google, who dominates the search market. However, where analysts differ is whether the current Apple Samsung court cases and the pending Apple Google technology war will stimulate or stifle innovation. Technological innovation is where the issue really touches consumers. On the one hand, strict patents laws will force companies to be more creative in their designs and functions, instead of simply remodelling previous technologies. On the other hand the innovation of designers and engineers could be subdued by escalating Apple, Samsung and Google patent disputes, as they will have to concern themselves with legal boundaries rather than creative boundaries. Considering that consumers are increasingly adopting smartphones and tablets to access the internet, affecting SEO services, innovation in the industry should be a priority.

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