Google Officially Launches AdWords for Video Advertising

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adwords-for-video-advertisingGoogle has just released major changes to their AdWords platform that is set to heavily influence the way video advertising is purchased in the future. Just as Google has done with targeted online advertising through Google AdWords in the past, so they are set to do with video advertising from here on.

Much like the paid search that Google currently spearheads, the new AdWords for Video imitates that bidding model to allow for more affordable advertising and much more targeted video whether you’re an advertising agency or a small start-up doing in-house marketing. Perhaps the most significant change here is that advertisers will be able to target around ten times more users based on their demographics.

Google is treating web video advertising just as it does with web pay-per-click advertising. Advertisers will only have to pay after a user has clicked on their video clip. No way! We hear you say. There’s more! We say. TrueView only charges if the user watches the full thirty-second clip. If the ad is skipped before the clip ends then it’s a freebie. How will advertisers adapt to take full advantage of this? Only time will tell.

It’s a cinch to get started with the powerful video advertising platform. All you need to do is setup a YouTube account if you haven’t already done so. Then visit the very clean and simple Google video advertising page to connect it with your YouTube account. If you get going soon Google may reward you with $75 of video advertising. They’re being generous to the value of $50 million worth of free advertising for their launch period.

The usual demographic options are available, such as gender and age, but perhaps the strongest part of the video advertising revelation is that last year less than 3% of YouTube visitors actually had YouTube accounts. With the connectivity between Google and YouTube this has risen to over 10% and hence has greatly increased the value of video advertising

It’s still a little too early to tell how users are going to respond to this ”invasion”, and it will be interesting to see how advertisers are going to have to evolve their content to suit this new medium that takes video advertising to the next level. This Google instructional video will get you setup in no time.

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