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During the month of April we set up Dynamic Remarketing campaigns for a few of our ecommerce clients and so far we have seen excellent results, achieving a conversion rate of 8.33% for one of our retail customers, targeting “Shopping basket abandoners” (these are customers who initiated the purchase process but opted out somewhere along the line).

Dynamic Remarketing allows us to re-target these customers with a tailor made, specific message, encouraging them to “come back” and complete the purchase on our site. It is even possible to re-direct customers directly to the /basket URL, allowing customers to easily pick up where they left off and complete the purchase with minimum effort.

Dynamic Remarketing is the most effective way of re-engaging with past visitors, allowing advertisers to pin-point exactly what customers and website URLs they want to re-target with image and text ads which are dynamically populated with products that the customers previously viewed from the advertiser’s website. Dynamic Remarketing even allows advertisers to cross-sell specific items of interest to a customer once they have completed a transaction on their website.


The imaging and text content within these ads are 100% customizable, allowing advertisers to send a personal, tailor made message to each group of customers that visit their site. For example, if a customer views a pair of Sport Trainers on a retailer’s website, we can re-target these customers by offering them a discount or incentive to return to the site and purchase the item they previously viewed, and once they buy this item we can re-target them further with complimenting items such as Sport Socks and other related items.

There are various different ad formats available including:

Text Ads:


Image Ads:


Ad Gallery Ads:


Please feel free to get in touch with our PPC team for more information on Dynamic Remarketing ads.

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