5 little truths why everyone should embrace the rise of digital PR

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 Effective Public Relations ensures that a positive representation of a company is maintained at all times.  The pace and rapid progression of the digital industry means that digital PR is a core part of an agency’s offering.    In an age where bloggers are continually transforming into esteemed brands in their own right, the past decade has created digital platforms to enable the art of storytelling and engagement 24/7.  The rise of digital has caused a major impact on the PR industry.  In a world where a brand can express their ethos through endless digital platforms and cause a brand rave in seconds, it is not surprising that some are a little nervous with the prospect of going digital.  However, with the digital industry moving at such a rapid pace, surely entering into the world of digital PR is a no brainer, right?

Here are 5 little truths why every brand should take the leap into the digital hemisphere…..

I have a voice!

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Digital PR creates instant exposure; a brands voice is heard instantaneously.  It is crucial that small businesses and major players alike create an online voice that is a reflection of the brands principles and what they represent.  A successful online presence can catapult a brand to new audiences and effectively raise their profile indefinitely.  The ability to reach and engage with your audience anywhere in the world is an incredible luxury for any brand, so TAKE ADVANTAGE!

Substantiation – Actively seeking an online presence is essential for even the most established of businesses.  It aids in reaffirming the public’s perception of the brand and what it stands for.  Likewise, it can also lead a brand in a different direction and aid in the reinvention of a company’s philosophy.

“It’s OK, my brand is super traditional”.  It doesn’t matter!  Traditional brands still need to portray an essence of interest in the goings on of the digital world.  It shows that you may be traditional but are still current and more importantly, interested in getting noticed!

Longevity – A single online piece can reach millions through all social platforms.  Consequently, one piece of coverage can circulate and reach millions.  The digital platforms are the only methods of PR that can achieve this at such a scale geographically, perfect for businesses that want to build their profile.  Yes, this may be achieved through offline PR but not at the rate and scale of digital.

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Let’s get building – Digital PR allows for the frequent building of your brand.  No matter what your company’s objective is, frequent building is crucial to a brands development and success.  Digital PR is an excellent tool to take advantage of on this front.  The ability to portray your brand however you see fit in such an instantaneous way is unlike anything in the history of PR.

Engagement – Engaging with your target audience is crucial to catching your audience’s attention.  There are endless platforms within the digital industry that will aid in this.  Most importantly, an investment in digital PR sees that you will gain direct feedback from your consumer.  Want to know what product is getting the love?  Invest in digital PR.

Remember, although digital PR is something to take advantage of, it still needs the same level of commitment and concentration as offline.  Like all PR, you only get what you give.

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