10 Reasons You Know You Work in PR

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Summer is almost upon us and it’s a busy time for all PR agencies.  Here at MediaVision we are all to prepared for this time.  So here is what we can expect…..

1.       Life before your 1st coffee  

images (2)

2.   Your arrival at the office  


3.  Your response to an interruption whilst replying to your emails 

images (3)

4.  When you spell a journalists name wrong and hit send  

download (2)

5.  When a journalist is covering a piece that is relevant to your client  

download (3)

6.  When coverage goes live  

download (4)

7.  Meeting a client for the 1st time  

download (5)

8. The moment a press release is returned without amendments  

download (6)

9.  The middle of your final meeting  


10.  Then the weekend hits





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