Tweeting The Tube – Our Top 5!

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The first of two days of tube strikes in London disrupted the journeys of millions of commuters, with only limited Underground services running, and buses, trains and roads heavily congested. Frustrated travellers revealed the extent of the chaos on Twitter, with pictures uploaded which displayed severe overcrowding at stations, in the streets and on buses. Here are our favourite tweets:

1. Fighting for the cause

Fighting the cause

2. Crowded Waterloo Station

Crowded Waterloo Station

3. Early bird gets a seat

7am queue #tubestrike

4. Taking the bus


bus queue #tubestrike

5. Beating the traffic

beating the traffic

If you find yourself stuck, waiting for transport why not test out the new ‘Rush Hour’ game. Help Colin the Commuter get to work along the London Underground.

Rush Hour – Gameplay Trailer from Antonia Jade Heslop on Vimeo.

London Underground called for the talks to be brought forward as another 48 hour strike is planned for next Wednesday and Thursday – coinciding with industrial action by thousands of Metropolitan police staff in the capital.

As frustrating as #tubestrikes are, at least we have social media rants to amuse ourselves with and an excuse to be late to work.

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