StumbleUpon, tenacious but not imposing

In Social Media by Marius Badenhorst

I finally discovered my favourite social media gem of the internet industry, that of StumbleUpon. It`s not that I`d never heard of it, in fact it had already been green-lighted by those I trust , it’s just that I`d stagnated in signing up, until now that is. The current competition is so rife and furious in the assortment of social media devices that are available for innocent passer-byers to spend their precious and underrated time on. I naturally felt tired by the prospect of looking into yet another media product. However, this little diamond impressed me as a genuine item.

StumbleUpon simply does the job of delivering the kind of web content I want directly into my browser, along with an assortment of websites that I didn`t know I wanted to see, but now am extremely convinced I do. Perhaps, like with so many of its predecessors, the excitement is a novel storm that will eventually blow over, or at least until something more cleverly devised comes knocking.

My massively prejudiced opinion aside, StumbleUpon with its Toolbar browser plug-in – key to its easy navigation and functionality – has found a near-completely non offensive way into our lives, and is a strangely amicable phenomenon of invention.

Within the culture of search technology and progress, StumbleUpon has involved itself enthusiastically. The browser toolbar feature enhances user search experience by facilitating integration of its user data into Google search results. A particular search result may be accessorised with StumbleUpon information, such as how many votes the site might have received, prominent users that recommend it, and reviews the site has about it. It`s almost disappointing that the info is only seen by users subscribed to the toolbar, but such is the viral efficacy of a good and useful product.

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