Pro’s & Con’s of Instagram’s Multi-User Upgrade

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Social media managers across the globe have been frustrated for nearly five years due to Instagram’s inability to have multiple accounts. Why five years? Because that’s when Instagram was launched. And since the beginning of Instagram time it has made things complicated. Any time a social media manager has had to post to multiple accounts, they have had to log out of the old account and log into the new account, or have multiple devices in order to keep content up to date in a timely fashion.

Towards the end of 2015, Instagram started testing out the possibility of facilitating multiple accounts, to be accessed through one app or mobile device. While the world instantly leapt to the edge of their seats in anticipation of a global launch, it was only this week that Instagram pushed the ‘global access’ button and made social media examiners across the globe sigh in relief with the new service. Now that accessing multiple accounts is available at the touch of a button, client work and efficiency will be at an all time best, positively impacting the use of Instagram for businesses.

How to Add Multiple Instagram Accounts in 10 Steps:

1.Log into Instagram

2.Click onto Options

3.Scroll down to Add Account

4.You will need to then log in with the next account details

5.At the bottom right of your account, you will be able to see which account you’re on (icon)

6.To switch between accounts, hit the drop down arrow at the top

7.Pick the account you’d like to switch to


9.It will also give you a pop up to notify which account you are now on

10.The icon in the bottom right corner will now also show which account you are on.

How to Add Multiple Accounts to Instagram - MediaVision (2) How to Add Multiple Accounts to Instagram - MediaVision (3) How to Add Multiple Accounts to Instagram - MediaVision (4)How to Add Multiple Accounts to Instagram - MediaVision (1)

Multiple Instagram Account Cons


If you start editing an image in Instagram and realise you are not in the correct account, you will NOT be able to switch accounts. Make sure you are in the account that you would like to post from before editing.


If you have added a second account to your Instagram, this will not automatically give you the permission to share to their linked accounts. For example, if you post to MediaVision from your mobile and select ‘Facebook’, then you will be required to log in again through your browser in order to post your content to the MediaVision Facebook page. You will therefore need to know what their logins are in order to share to their third party apps. It is not automatic. To get around this, set up an ‘If This Then That’ recipe. That way the recipe will automatically share from the MediaVision account without you needing third party permissions on your second account.


Unfortunately you are still only able to view one account if you log into Instagram via desktop. While you may have mobile permission to access multiple accounts on your phone, desktop access remains a single login.


Let’s hope Instagram works on allowing photo editing and scheduling. Currently images are able to be scheduled via third party apps. However, the images are therefore not edited with the classic Instagram filters that have made them so popular over recent years. This would be a fantastic progression from here.


Have you been loving everyone’s new quick Instagram GIFs? It’s an app called Boomerang and it’s free on the app store. Download and create your own in-Instagram gifs. Just make sure you are in the correct Instagram account before sharing.

On today’s blog post: the glitches of multiple #Instagram accounts & “in-house” #GIFs.

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