How to Use Social Media to Promote a Project or Brand

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Social media is a powerful tool to gain exposure, whether you’re promoting a new project, product or brand. With these key stages and steps, you’ll be able to implement an effective campaign.

Promoting a Project Through Social Media

Tip: Aim to build a community of targeted fans & followers and make them aware that something awesome is coming soon!

It is essential that you spend time cultivating a strong community, prior to launch. Here are three steps to follow before you go live:

  • Joining conversations provides an opportunity to talk about and share your project. It helps to get the word out by interacting and hinting at what’s to come.
  • Following key people with the same interests is an essential part in building your community. It helps you foster a relationship with them, so that in the future they will be willing to share your content with their followers.
  • Engaging with relevant content helps you get recognised by key players in your industry, build your reputation and could start a conversation that leads to lasting relationships.

These steps can be implemented across platforms. Only focusing on one platform will not have the same effect. Now that you have cultivated your community, here are a few things to do once live.

  • Posting engaging content that targets your audience. Ask yourself: “What can I provide that adds value to my audience?” and “What difference will the project make to the community?” Then try and post varied, interesting and informative content. Don’t forget to post high quality images, as this helps to draw in your audience, enticing them to click and read more.
  • Trend-jacking is a great way to get added exposure. Start by looking at what’s trending both in your area and worldwide; then see if your project relates in some way or can get involved. Using relevant hashtags to join the conversation allows you to reach new audiences.
  • Sharing testimonials allows you to share other people’s opinions of your project with your audience. But remember, social media is visual so rather create a simple graphic with quotes and comments from your client or customer. Always give attribution to the commenters. Having these third-party statements lends credibility to your project or brand.
  • Share behind the scenes photos – giving your audience a glimpse into the exciting and sometimes chaotic experience of launching a project or brand makes you more relatable and is a great way to generate some buzz and boost engagement.
  • Social media advertising is an important step in promoting a project or brand, and if done correctly can reap huge returns. Running both custom audience and remarketing ads is the best option. It allows you to target your ideal audience with one ad, getting them to visit your website and then secondly remarketing to them if they did not convert off the bat. This is an effective strategy because people rarely buy on the first time.

Tweetable: Exclude users who have already converted or purchased on your website.

  • And then lastly, analyse all tactics used during the promotion. This will help you see what worked and what needs adjusting. This step is important and allows you to consistently offer content that your audience likes and is more likely to convert them into customers.

These are some of the tactics you can implement to promote your project or brand. It is important to try a variety of tactics and see what works with your audience. If you would rather have us help you with a social media strategy suited for your project or brand, contact us now!

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