Ever had a piece of bad press circulated online about you or your company?

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If you answered yes to the question, then this is a necessary read that contains some helpful resources for healing the damaging effects of bad press. I came across an article by Jeff Quipp on the Search Engine People Blog, which discussed burying negative posts that may have surfaced online about you or your company. It lists an extensive array of sites that can be used to your advantage when building up profiles on various online platforms in order to detract attention from the actual negative article that is being circulated, and to push it off the first results page. Removing negative press from the first page of the SERPs can be an exhausting process, but it`s worth it in the end as it could well save your reputation.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is becoming a much sought after profession these days. The internet has turned into one of the most valued sources of news and information. It is accessible twenty four hours a day with, a world of sites to choose from. The search engines can turn into your worst enemies if you are the subject of a rather juicy news story. It is not uncommon for individuals, and large corporations, to find their most recent mishap published at the top of the first results page, for all to see.

Once your name is portrayed in such a negative light, it is vital for the sake of your reputation that you make every effort to hide the story. The best way to do this is by getting it bumped down the first page through the creation of profiles that contain the same name, on platforms that have a degree of online strength behind them. Ideally, this will result in the profiles slowly ranking higher than the damaging story, thereby moving it off the first page and onto the second, where the chances of it being read are relatively low, as most people don`t venture beyond the first page.

Another helpful read, which is tied to the first, is “how to bury negative online mentions of you”. It explains the steps you need to take to combat bad press on your own.

So, if you become the victim of bad press, and your only alternative is to manage it yourself, I suggest that you follow the steps outlined in the articles above. They will stand you in good stead as you try to salvage your reputation, at the very least, they will increase the chances of you surviving the incident relatively unscathed.

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