Corporate blogging and the controversy that it could create

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I was reading through Matt Cutts blog the other day and felt that he brought up some really valid points with regards to the fundamental do`s and don`ts of company blogging. Without an already established reputation and identity of both yourself and your company, the beginning stages of starting a blog are certainly the most complex. As first impressions last, one should try tread lightly by remaining as unbiased and neutral as possible when starting off.

Having said that; Blogs are generally not supposed to be objective. The opinions may be subjective, and they are intended to reflect the interests, thoughts and opinions of the person publishing the blog. A typical company blog is categorized and frequently updated. The tone is casual. It may also contain links to other blogs and web sites.

Its not rocket science but it is important to understand blogging and its purpose.

Never criticise other companies. Keep your tone light. And try not to Blog when you angry. Also watch what you say because it all reflects back onto the company that you are representing. At the end of the day, you are an ambassador for your organisation, thus you should keep your stance aligned with the best interest of your company.

A corporate blog is a blog published by or with the support of an organization to help that organization to reach its goals. If used correctly, it can be an excellent corporate communication tool. That`s where it really does get tricky.

With regards to his reference to Lauren Turners post “Does negative press make you sicko?”, I fully agree, as that it`s a perfect example on how what you say can influence others opinions about you and the company that you are representing. Even though it was a personal opinion she was blogging on behalf of her corporation, Google. To top it all off, she followed it up with a sales pitch. Not a good move.

There is a fine line (between) and although some may say it is freedom of speech, she really should keep these personal opinions for her personal blog and refrain from using an official Google blog to do so. .

Google went on to say that they were not aware that the post would create so much controversy. They admit that the have in fact blown it by allowing the post to be posted. They also went on to say that they did in fact share many of Mr Moores concerns about the Health Care industry.

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