Change Your Facebook Page URL For a Second Time

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When starting a business page, Facebook allows users to select the name of the page and its URL. Unfortunately, if you happen to change your mind or your brand, they haven’t made it easy to alter that URL – until now. So if you haven’t been happy with the URL of your Facebook page for some time, good news! This June, Facebook gave us a solution!

Back History

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had your brand’s Facebook page for quite some time. If you’ve run into a situation where the name is no longer relevant or you’ve wanted to expand it, you may have changed the name of your page and its URL. Unfortunately, Facebook only allows you to do this once.

For example:

My page used to be I then changed it to to match my Twitter handle. This was during a time when I wrote anonymously and didn’t have to give my details out to anyone. However, when I did start working with brands, I found it quite difficult to share the URL at meetups as spelling it out was more complicated than anything! When I decided to change it, I realised I wasn’t able to upgrade my page URL again! ANNOYING!

Changing Your Facebook Business Page URL for a Second Time

Praise be! A few weeks ago Facebook decided to include handles on their Facebook pages. Much like Twitter, it allows you to give out a ‘nickname’ or handle so that users can find your business page more easily. Off the back of this, it now also allows you to change the URL of your page. YIPPEE!!

MediaVision Facebook Page

Simply go to your Facebook page About section and scroll down to Page Info (left menu).

MediaVision Facebook Information

Click on Username and you’ll be able to change your handle and, ultimately, your page URL too. Once you click the edit button, you will be able to change the username, which also changes the page URL.

MediaVision Username Change

Benefits of a Matching Facebook Business Page URL

The URL of your Facebook page will reinforce what your page is about. If you name your page, for example, “Sports for Pets” when your page is actually about Bicycle Tours, then it won’t be consistent. Ensuring your brand name, handle and page URL are all aligned will improve your SEO too. As search algorithms change, their ability to crawl social media sites improves. If the formal content on your page aligns with the brand name, URL and nickname, then this will give your page more consistency and credibility.

Before Changing Your URL and Username

Before you change your URL, remember that it will also affect the handle of the page; not the name of the page, but the ‘nickname’ that is also assigned to the page. Select a username based on what you want the URL to be, but ensure it is relevant, appropriate and easy to share. In the future, this will allow you to simply say, my handle is ‘this’ and the URL will match it.

Go forth and change all those URLs with typos or outdated names. Good luck and enjoy.

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