How to Get a Celebrity to Follow You on Twitter

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While Twitter might be a convenient platform on which to add your 2 cents about a football game or tweet your new outfit, the most successful tweets are about story telling. It’s about taking 140 characters and making your life/story/update interesting to those around you. The people with the most followers tend to offer one main thing: what they share is new, different, interesting and it provides a service to those who follow them. And because their tweets are unique, they get retweeted, which leads to more exposure and more followers.

So what about celebrities? ‘Celebrities’ doesn’t exclusively mean pop stars, actors or sportsmen, but also well admired industry leaders and influencers. So how do you get noticed by industry influencers? By taking the basis of storytelling and getting your favourite celebs to notice you.

Ask yourself one main question – why would they care?

Trying to understand why celebrities in your field would retweet you might not be as complex as you think it is. Why? Because celebrities are human. They have stories and a journey just like the rest of us. Sure they have millions of people watching them as they do it, but at the heart of it there’s a simple person just like you and me. Appealing to that simple person is the key to getting noticed.


This is also the reason why so many brands invite audience participation, it works in reverse. For example, Good Mythical Morning, at the end of every episode they play a video from a person, someone often from a distant location, who loves the show.

Good Mythical Morning

In the same way that this creates brand engagement, loyalty and interaction, so adding something unique to your tweets to intrigue and inspire celebrities does.

We’ve all seen tweets like these:


They’re usually automated responses to celebrity tweets. And we’re pretty sure that Justin Bieber isn’t interesting in sharing or responding to this style of communication.

But perhaps something like, “I’m standing on top of an ice berg listening to Justin Bieber’s latest album”, with a picture proving it, might get you noticed.

For interest’s sake, we explored Justin Bieber’s time line to see if he does actually retweet any fans, which we’ve found he does. Not often, but when he does he picks ordinary people who talk about his work in an interesting way. For example, here are two fan retweets:


Twitter profiles

We then investigated these profiles to see if they were celebrities or why he would choose to retweet them in particular. But, these two accounts seem to be just ‘regular’ people with a small following, but they have said something that has intrigued him or that he appreciates. Perhaps he’s trying to build his male audience, who knows!

Complimenting celebrities or telling them how much you love them isn’t likely to result in a retweet as they may not want to be seen as gloating about their fans appreciating them. A genuine story is more likely to intrigue them.

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So what’s the bottom line? BE CREATIVE!

Do something unique, fun, interesting and different and you will come out on top. Either by attracting more followers due to your fun and entertaining content or by getting the attention of the celebrity you sought to make contact with. So remember, keep your tweets simple, try to include a picture and see every tweet as a micro story telling opportunity. With this in mind, you’re sure to be retweeted in no time. Good luck!

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