Solution based SEO and why its the correct way to propose

In SEO Strategyby Louis Venter

It was both refreshing and exciting for me to read Chris Boggs` post about the process they adopt in creating an SEO proposal. For the past three months, we at MVI Search have adopted a solution-based approach that is very similar to the approach that Chris describes.

Historically, most agencies that we have spoken to have been approached with a package that they “can adapt” to suit the needs of their customers. I believe that not only does this limit the success of the campaign but the most qualified person to make judgement calls within the strategy inherits the strategy already sold. There is often a lot of information lost in translation and the resultant strategy is poorly planned and in some cases impossible to achieve. The end result is an unhappy customer or agency and yet another company burnt by bad search marketing advice.

So how do you identify a package proposal versus a solution based one? Well the speed of the proposal is one key element. A solution based approach takes time and collaboration to put together. There is often healthy debate about the quantity of each technical element is needed for success. The fact is that every website we optimise is different with a different start point in terms of link popularity, site strength and compliancy and current social media profile. Therefore a benchmark of your current performance versus the competition and quantities of technical elements needed to compete is a key indicator of a solution based proposal.

I would be lying if I said MVI has not fallen into that trap in the past but luckily we recently changed the way we pitch for new business due to a big shake up in the sales department. The end result is a far more accountable solution that qualified and knowledgeable experts are providing meaningful advice at the pitch stage. By making sure that my research team is in control of all the proposals that are created allows me to sleep much better.

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