To Kill a Penguin: SEO Petition Against the Google Update

In SEO Strategy by Marius Badenhorst

What’s an SEO to do when Google, once again, makes changes to the search algorithm and threatens to render your years worth of SEO strategy redundant? Organise a petition online and attempt to get the Penguin Update euthanized of course! Well this is the action taken by one SEO Jane Dorpish, who claims that the new update by the internet search giant is killing off small enterprise and paving the way for domination by internet publishing giants such as eHow, WikiHow and Amazon.

The Penguin update to the Google algorithm makes changes that are to counter sites that have been “over optimised” in the eyes of Google. The focus has been on eliminating sites with low quality content focused on over optimisation and initially was called the “webspam algorithm” before Google formally announced it as Penguin. It seems this change is affecting SEO agencies and companies who used “borderline” tactics or those who have links from “dubious” sources. Some companies are claiming unfair penalties, and often these are sites that do not have current SEO strategies in place and are relying on SEO work that was completed over 24 months ago. The petition, as of publication of this article, has 668 signatures with a couple of written stories by SEO persons and companies that have been affected. While stories of webmasters and business suffering in penalties that have destroyed their livelihoods are tragic, I doubt this petition will change the decision made by Google and those affected. If parties believe they  have been unfairly penalised, they are welcome to report this to the search engine support team through a form. Perhaps every SEO agency and business needs to learn a subtle lesson from this in terms of strategy.

With each and every update to the Google engine, companies who are using “borderline” techniques and definite black hat and quick fix SEO strategies are those suffering often. Content has been for a while, and will always be, king in the eyes of Google. While localisation has become more important than ever with recent changes, content that is fresh, informative and contains pertinent information in an SEO friendly format will always keep your company in the top echelons of SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). Speak to your SEO agency or online representative for your company and ensure that you are engaging in a strategy that is up to date with Google changes, above board, and that has long term goals and fantastic content to ensure you continue to rank highly for organic search results.

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