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An integrated approach to digital marketing

neglected-bikeIn March of 2013 a significant transformation took place in the manner in which social media was being looked at by the team at DickiesStore. Up until this point there were a few postings on their Facebook page of the specials they were running on their products. There was no active company blog, although an attempt had previously been made but had been shut down because it was rather neglected.

Building a Community

MediaVision put forward a solid social strategy that was centred on building a community and engaging their audience. We treated them as people whom we wanted to talk to! The strategy at its core was about presenting topics of interest. Social media was used to draw awareness to these stories.Whats-your-story

Driving it was a set of social and PR calendars, plotting the journey over the coming months. The content for the blog was carefully planned, and integrated into the social media calendar. The social media calendar likewise detailed every day of the week and what the theme for the day would be. With this framework in place we achieved consistency and regularity.

Who and what?

During the planning stages we undertook a diligent audience analysis of who the typical DickiesStore customer was. We broke the stereotypical mould – until now we had presumed that since the store sold workwear, the audience must be the building trade. This was in fact far from the truth. We came to realise that Dickies clothing is great for outdoors. They have fantastic wet weather gear, really good boots, thermals, socks and what not.
This gear is ideal for gardening, camping, fishing, hiking, or even just walking your dog! With this insight into our audience we suddenly had so much more to talk about!


dickies dog walking


Campaign Planning

We narrowed it down to a single campaign idea to begin with. We chose to focus on dog owners to start. Hiking, camping and fishing all have very specialised stores, so we put them aside. Dog walking is for everyone, and we researched and presented blog posts about dog walking trails, how to take care of your pet, and other training tips, which were then integrated and shared via social media. We really got traction with the campaign when we offered to help the dog shelters and dog homes by writing features about them and helping to promote their cause.


This dramatically changed the nature of the content that was going out on our social media stream. Interwoven with this we gave away relevant products weekly via social media. Another way the social media was made more interesting was to introduce “Throwback Thursday”; Dickies has 80 years of history and we were able to share vintage images of clothing and advertising posters.


The outcome of this was a significant growth of the community and  an increase in community engagement. Facebook audience grew 500% over the course of the year!

Not only this, but without much trying we secured Google rankings for terms like “Dog walking gear” and “Dog walking Jackets”. This has led to the creation of additional “lifestyle” content and pages, which have further boosted the brands opportunities for engagement, exposure and presence in search engines.

The full case study is available here

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