SEO Predictions for Search Engines in 2011

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The hour of midnight has struck, the champagne bottles popped and the world welcomed the arrival of another new year. Of course, this brings with is a flood of resolutions and predictions for the coming 12 months, and any SEO specialist will be know that the industry has been inundated with SEO predictions for 2011.

A crucial factor to consider is how the world’s biggest search engines may be developing this year. Where will 2011 take Google, Bing and Yahoo?

You hardly need a crystal ball to make this prediction: the search engine giant is set to dominate once again during 2011. The introduction of Google’s online Boutique made waves over the 2010 festive season, and as the search engine strives to personalise the online experience more and more, SEO experts are asking; will this finally be the year that Google launches a successful social media platform?

Will 2011 see Bing become “the little search engine that could”? The Social Search collaboration between Bing and Facebook is set to start gaining significant momentum during 2011, and SEO predictions point to Bing succeeding in social media where Google keeps failing. As Social Search takes off, the SEO-psychics also tell us that the general public will start realising the importance of online reputation management.

Yahoo’s profit margin grew by 11% during 2010; the search alliance with Microsoft was cleared in February 2010, and the deal is set to reach completion in 2012. The prediction from the search engine’s CEO Carol Bartz is that Apple or Facebook could be approaching Yahoo with a proposition to purchase in 2011. A collaboration between Yahoo and Facebook would certainly cause ripples in the SEO industry.

What are your thoughts on search engine developments in the coming year, and do you have any SEO predictions of your own? If so, please feel free to share them with us!

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