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Thought i would run through a quick post, without having to go into much detail about things happening, decided to do something along the lines of a weekly recap of things that might interest folks with regards to what’s happening, all into one neat summary for all ๐Ÿ™‚

Digg Losing Traffic? A few folks have mentioned so far this week, they have noticed quite a decrease in traffic coming from Digg… possibly due to the DVD saga (The day that Digg Almost Died) that almost brought Digg to the ground recently.

MySpace News…. MySpace, the popular community network that grabs almost every teenagers attention, spending hours at a time on, launched their own News service, where users could do the same that happens with news on Digg, unfortunately, perhaps there was too much hype about it, as it seems there is not much happening on that side, possible not something that the current members would be interested in doing. spending $100 million on a new branding campaign which is making use of offline advertising such as television adverts and Billboard signs for “The Algorithm Campaign“, after the recently released new algorithm named “Edison”.

Another interesting, an to be honest, laughable story happening, US Attornery General is now pressing congress to pass a new intellectual property bill (the same man that brought on the whole ordering search engines to release search data regarding child pornography searches) , which will make copyright infringment a criminal offense with 1 – 10 years jail time, this includes piracy( beware content scrapers ๐Ÿ™‚ ), Read More Here

New Search Engine Time!! PIPL, or People Search Engine, something fresh to look at, a extremely simple interface, tried it out myself, it even auto fills the necessary fields in (or at least suggests a correct entry). You can search using first name, last name, city, state and country. Searches are done quickly, and use a variety of sources that perhaps other search engines might be missing. Try it out PIPL, it seems there is another me around from what i see…

Job Portal News Time, Microsoft has now bought a minority stake in major job search engine CareerBuilder, where now they will be the official source for all MSN careers Read More Here . While we have that, Google is in talks with SimplyHired Job Search Engine about aquisition acording to Tech Crunch, More Info, which could possibly bring about an interesting twist to the SERPS for other big players in the Job/Employment industry.

Let me finish off with something great for the average webmaster, from DaveN, one of the programmers threw something together for those struggling to get to grips with the robots.txt for sites, it’s still new, which they mention, but the idea behind it for beginners is great, have a look Robots.txt Tool and let’s not use it and ban all search engines from our sites now please ๐Ÿ™‚

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