Did the Penguin Update Stomp Out the Little Guys?

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Google have caused widespread panic in the streets with yet another update; ironic then that they should pick an adorable penguin as its moniker. Released on the 24th of April, the exact details and fallout of the update has been written on extensively, but we haven’t heard much about the concrete results. A large reason there is a petition doing the rounds against the Penguin Update is that a lot of legitimate smaller companies are feeling the squeeze as the distance between them and larger content sites is dragged to Grand Canyon sized proportions. The larger content sites like eHow, WikiHow, Yahoo Answers and Amazon are all sitting pretty after the update while smaller sites seem to be getting targeted quite vigorously; the exact how and why of this is still not clear as many clear the rubble caused by the update to try and figure out how it functions exactly.

It appears innumerable amounts of webmasters have come forward with stories of how their livelihoods have been decimated seemingly overnight.

Google’s Sergey Brin worried about ‘walled gardens’ such as Facebook and Apple which he felt paint an alarming future for the internet and how it’s controlled by a few.

Ironically now a similar ‘walled garden’ is being put up by the Penguin Update which appears to block smaller businesses from reaching top ranks for niche keywords which are often not even targeted by the big guns.

One example gathered was of a webmaster with a seven year old website that had SEO work done on it, albeit through old practices, but had not had continued SEO for the final four years. His website was heavily penalised and he considers that the four year old SEO work done had something to do with it. This only highlights how important it is to keep your SEO work up to date and compliant with every Google update; a lot of work, but necessary.

With every Google update many cry bloody murder for the death of SEO, but sure enough after a few weeks SEO stabilises and continues to grow strong. Consulting with an SEO company that doesn’t get out of the kitchen even though the heat is on is your best bet to ensure your company doesn’t flounder with the updates, but even may comply with them to stay ahead of the curve.

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