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As we celebrate our 10th birthday and a decade of success as a digital agency, we‘re looking back at how Google evolved from a garage start-up to one of the most powerful enterprises in the industry today.

The Google Evolution

It doesn’t take a Google search to discover the profound impact this search engine has had on the world.  Just ask someone a difficult question and wait for their response… ‘Google it’. A phrase so engrained in our culture that it’s hard to remember a time it didn’t exist.

All It Took Was One Page (and a Brin) to Build an Empire

In 1998, after setting up a work space in the garage of the most important Googler you’ve never heard of,  Larry Page and Sergey Brin hired their first employee and got to work. Soon afterwards, the media began applauding Google for its uncanny ability to return relevant results. A year later the company outgrew its garage space and acquired 8 new employees. Fast forward through milestones like the addition of Google News and Google AdSense, Gmail and Google Maps, as well as significant algorithm updates and beyond masterful brand positioning to the present day, where the company has grown into a billion dollar empire with well over 40 000 employees in locations around the world.

Why Does Everyone Love Google So Much?

With an astoundingly intelligent search engine and investment in projects like driverless car programs, wearable computers and blimps to deliver wide-area global wireless internet, it’s impossible not to take notice of what Google is doing. It’s made an impact on the way we search, how we consume information and our social interactions with each other. Its very existence has changed how the world buys and sells online and, perhaps most fundamentally, it has contributed to the growth of the Web.

How Other Search Engines Compare

With Google’s search engine market share of 67,6 percent for U.S. desktop searches in 2014, the short answer is that many simply don’t. Bing and Yahoo! come second and third respectively with smaller portions of the market share, but when it comes to popularity and relevant search results, neither has been able to best Google yet.

So, Tell Us

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