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Google has been aiming at offering sponsored ads on TV for sometime now, and after alot of speculation of whether it will work or for them to get enough “airspace” to use to advertise on television, they have now officially launched Google TV Ads trial together with Astound Cable and EchoStar.

A move to offer another medium for advertisers other than the Radio and Newspaper ads they previously launched. You will be able to log into your Adwords account and from there as you would choose your text ads, you will be offered the TV ads auction, where you will have a required minimum bid. Here you may select where and who you want to see your ads(daypart, geography and demographic). They will be offering stats on how many times the ad was displayed and even is it was watched all the way to the end. Using statistics already used by broadcasting companies. Obviously at this point in time it will be targeted at larger companies that would be able to create their own TV commercials, but supposedly there will be a market place section for those who do not have the resources.

As with PPC and only paying for each click, advertisers will only pay for impressions of their ad. They also announced that there would be a “premium or niche networks” available in the Ad program.

Growing their advertising network with PPC, newspaper, radio and now TV ads, overall reach and target market through these mediums.

Interesting thought that bugs me, although i have not tried either of the radio or print ads, as our market/clients don’t reach that far as yet, would be with PPC, i can follow stats, as in who clicked my ad and reached my site, my first thought would be, how would i know, unless my sales increase after launching the TV Ad, that the TV ad is a return on my investment? By only knowing that how many people viewed my ad. But then again, the Newspaper ads have been increasing well according to some sources, how would you track those, even radio. Well, will have to see how this develops.

Hats off to the google guys, extending their advertising platform to cover almost all the opportunities, before anyone else steps into that domain.

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