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A survey conducted by Bigmouthmedia shows that the majority of British internet users want Google to maintain its stance as the leading search engine in five years time.

Interestingly enough it’s men who have faith that Google will maintain their position as No1, whereas women were less convinced. A significant 40% of respondants were impartial and were unsure of whether or not Google would retain its position at No 1.

Why is Google so popular within the UK?

IMHO it`s because Google started by wanting to fix a very real problem that existed and not with the usual commercial intent that most businesses start with. Monetising the traffic was their masterstroke but this was only achievable after they had a fantastic service that gave you exactly what you wanted.

What does this survey mean to the UK marketer?

Google`s share of the market within the UK is still very high and this report suggests that isn`t going to change any time soon.

However I feel this has interesting ramifications for Paid versus Organic Search focus. One key benefit of organic search is the trust that ranking at the top of Google instills into the visitor. Naturally more trust in your brand results in more conversions for your website. A key difference from Paid search where the perception is that “anyone can pay for that” and more recently complete banner blindness.

This survey highlights the importance of Google in any organic search marketing plan. IMHO it also highlights why organic search has greater value than paid search.

Being ranked the best by an impartial authority delivers better visitors, every time.

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