MediaVision Presentation – To Ezine or Not To Ezine

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As operations director at MediaVision I often need to evaluate the effectiveness of any work we do. There has been a bit of a running debate as to where we can get the best bang for our buck (or in this case our content). Do we release it to Ezines or do we hoard it ourselves?

This can be a tricky landscape to evaluate because there is so much information out there, from prominent SEO’s I might add, about the value of Ezine articles, however most of this information dates back to the hay days of Ezines (for SEO). The information is quite out of date and not necessarily correct in today’s Search landscape.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if we had retained every piece of original content that we released into ezines over the past few years, and had added that to our own content network, then it would be that much stronger today, and we would still have full control over it!

The presentation is on Slideshare, tagged as “To Ezine or Not To Ezine”

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