The Brighton SEO Conference Maps the Future Vistas for SEO

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Considered one of the biggest events in the United Kingdom for search specialists, the Brighton SEO Conference has left a trail of breadcrumbs for professionals wanting to keep up with the times and stay relevant as optimisers. Similar to Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection, Philip Sheldrake’s presentation on the future vistas for SEO highlighted the evolving nature of the World Wide Web, proving to be of particular interest to attendees, and for good reason.

Sheldrake’s Hypothesis a Clue

The Marketing industry has begun to take note of Sheldrake’s vision of the new communications world order. In his presentation at the Brighton SEO Conference centre venue, Sheldrake addressed the misrepresentation of the search industry. Correcting the view that optimisers make their living from “fooling” algorithm engines like Google, he stated that SEO professionals work in partnership with search engines to deliver the RIGHT information to users, at the RIGHT time and in the RIGHT format.

We’re All About Big Data, Big Info and Big Knowledge

With the World’s population about to reach the 8 billion mark, the amount of data available on the web has surpassed extensive. From documents and surveys to output signals and sensory tracking results, our ability to sift through these resources and turn them into valuable information will determine whether we can solve problems and learn from what is going on around us. The difficult task of linking this data and sharing it is up to those involved in content-crafting and web tool analysis. And this is why men like Philip Sheldrake are asked to share at SEO events like the Brighton Conference Centre.

What Does This Mean for SEO Specialists?

Unlike the poor Rhino, we’re not a dying breed. Yes, the role of SEO optimisers is changing but this isn’t anything new. The nature of the web is to evolve. As such, our job is to take on the challenges of the future- skillset in hand. Instead of crafting content for content’s sake, the role of specialists will be to improve the presentation, discoverability, machinability and usefulness of the data we work with. A gem of knowledge for those who were lucky enough to attend, the Brighton SEO Conference provided a much-needed survival guide for those interested in traversing the new Internet era ahead.

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