Why Using Bing Advertising Is Becoming a Must

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Bing-adcenterA few years ago a company could easily pass up on advertising using Bing and Yahoo! (previously called Microsoft Adcenter) and only use Google Adwords. A company could do very well using only  Adwords and never be inclined to advertise on Bing or Yahoo!. However, times are changing. Google’s domination of paid search advertising is slowly being chipped away at by the likes of Bing and Yahoo! Bing advertising (which targets Yahoo! as well) is slowly gaining ground on Google, and Bing Advertising is racking up a list of positive metrics and functions when compared to Adwords.

Below are some examples of Bing Advertising positives:

  • Bing ads allow up to 40 characters in ad titles, while Adwords only allows 25.
  • Bing took 5% of Google’s search share between June 2011 to June 2012.
  • Bing CPC is much lower than Adwords as competition is lower CPC (up to 50-70% lower)Adcenter vs Adwords CPC
  • Bing shows more ads at the top of the page than Google (more top spots).
  • Bing allows an advertiser to import their Adwords campaigns and structure directly into their Bing Advertising account.

Bing and Yahoo! Have Almost 30% Total Search Share

Gone are the days when Adwords advertising was the only online advertising platform a company needed. Nowadays a company needs to reach the search share that Google has lost. In April 2013 Google’s share of the online search market was sitting at 67.1% in the USA, while Bing commanded 16.9% and Yahoo! had 11.8%. When only advertising on Google and ignoring Bing and Yahoo! a company is essentially losing out on a massive reach of 28% of online searches. A company is essentially losing out on almost a third of online searches when not using Bing Advertising.

bing vs adwords

The search share that Google has lost to the likes of Yahoo! and Bing are relevant and valuable potential customers. An online search will give thousands of examples of advertisers swearing that ROI is better when advertising with Bing than with Adwords. While Adwords does have a much higher volume of traffic, there is also much higher competition which results in a much higher CPC.

For the UK, in December 2012 Google had 88.35% share of the search market, down from 89.12% the previous month and down from 91.15% in December 2011. Bing saw its search market share improve by 1.15% from 3.84 to 4.99%. Yahoo also improved, from 3.58%, an increase of 0.86% over the same twelve month period. Bing and Yahoo! combined have an 8.50% search share in the UK.

By no means should an advertiser stop using Adwords. However, it is vitally important for companies to start using Bing Advertising in their digital advertising strategies. The positives far outweigh any negatives. Searchengineland had a few more great statistics in case you are still not sold on the benefits of Bing Advertising.

Would this be a good time to highlight that MediaVision’s PPC manager is Bing Advertising certified? MediaVision has seen forward strides being taken within Bing Advertising. Not only has the platform become more advanced and more tools have become available, but clicks, impressions and revenue is also increasing

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