Is Google fastflip stealing your Pageviews, or bringing you more?

In Paid Search by Louis Venter

It looks like we are almost back to the days of the Iframe – with a difference. Google is showing your entire page without sending you the traffic, and as @graywolf correctly pointed out – they have the balls to host Adwords down the side with a big fat arrow pointing at them (flip to next page) and should you miss the arrow – well then you click the conveniently positioned ad!


Already there has been a lot of talk about this arrangement contravening adsense guidelines. I couldn’t specifically find the paragraph that says you may not draw attention to the ads – perhaps someone who knows the guidelines inside out can enlighten us, but what worries me more is the fact that visitors are no longer coming to your web page to read your content. So your analytics will suffer in terms of home page pageviews. At present fastflip has pre-defined categories and sites for well known news sites such as “The Washington Post” and “BBC News”, so there is no danger of the average web site falling prey to this.

Surely then, if a significant number of people were to use fastflip, these sites would feel the dip in traffic and the associated loss of revenue? Or would they? It can be argued that any site privileged enough to be included in fastflip will get extra traffic, as the interface is pretty OK to flick through the sites, and visitors are actually just a click away from landing on your site. Clicking anywhere on the featured page takes you through to the site in question.

Sure, it is a Google labs experiment, but I certainly think that they are going to need to address some of these rumblings before going mainstream. It will be interesting to pickup the feedback both in terms of user experience and also user behaviour.

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