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There are many ways in which to promote your brand online, but it is vital that you find the way most beneficial to your site. Ensuring that your brand is being promoted through the right channels, and in a positive light, can make or break your company`s reputation and status. There are many routes you can take in order to spread your brand across the net and get people talking about your company. One of the ways in which to achieve this is to get a free ride in on the tails of the big guns. It`s only free if you do it right though.

I came across a very intriguing article that talked about the 15 Internet sites that can make or break your brand. It`s a very interesting read and I recommend that everyone who is trying to promote their company`s name to the next level of exposure use this information for the betterment of their brand. The article mentions some of the most influential websites on the net that can have a delightful or tragic effect on new and old brands in the marketplace.

To rattle off a few of the big names that are mentioned, Google (no one can deny their influence on consumers), YouTube, Wikipedia, MySpace, Facebook, Digg, Amazon (strangely enough) and Twitter, all act as platforms for businesses to either use to their advantage, or become vulnerable for slaughter by the online cavalry. When you think about it, the little guys (your local services directory, private travel company, homemade furniture shop, and neighbourhood B&B) are like the infantry in an unfair battle with the cavalry (Google, Thompsons Travel, Joshua Doore, and Hilton Hotels).

If you are wise, you will utilise the power of these established brands to move a step up, whether it is by submitting an unusual video on YouTube, or making sure that Oprah reads your first novel and loves it. There are various ways to go about positively exploiting these larger brands` power over the consumer market. You just need to find the most appropriate one for you and your brand.

The important thing is to know where you want to take your brand and what kind of name you are building for it. In the online world, one false move forward can mean three steps back. And news travels fast these days, so step carefully.

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