Mobile Devices Account for Almost Half of all Olympic-Related Searches

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There is no sporting event in the world that captures global attention quite like the Olympic Games does. That being said, this occasion provides a large enough sample population to broadly examine how people are searching for Olympic-related material. The findings reveal that mobile devices account for almost fifty percent of all search sources on the Internet, relating to the Games.

Search Shock

It won’t come as a surprise that social media has played a very large part in following Olympic trends, but to have almost fifty percent of all search engine queries relating to the Olympics generated from mobile devicesphones and tablets – may be a little more interesting.

The Numbers

Wireless networks are accommodating mobile devices at a rapid rate and evidence of this is exemplified in the fact that data dedicated to Olympic-related searches is almost equal to that of desktop searches. Here are a few figures that show the percentage of searches apportioned to mobile devices in various countries:

  • Japan                              55%
  • United States                 47%
  • United Kingdom          46%
  • Australia                        45%
  • Netherlands                  44%
  • Puerto Rico                    41%
  • South Africa                  24%

Second Screen

The “second screen” occurrence reflects the practice of switching between watching live streaming on a mobile device to browsing the web for more information on what you’re viewing or to kill time while advertisements are in progress.    

Trigger Search

In summary, here is a good illustration of the time-specific search response to one particular live event (Paul McCartney performing Hey Jude at the Olympics Opening Ceremony) and the sources from which the searches took place, most notably from mobile devices.

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