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Google has been all over the mobile market in the last few months. It has launched one assault after another trying to make its mark on the mobile market. Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report was recently released and reveals that mobile Internet search is growing rapidly in the UK. Facebook has just toppled Google as the most viewed site, with Google slipping to number 2 in the mobile space, but it is still the mobile search engine of choice in the UK, and most regions in the world.

So what have they done lately?

Google has partnered with HTC, the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer to create a new social networking mobile phone known as the “Hero”. The phone is touted to be a real Apple iPhone beater, and according to industry insiders is a giant step up from previous iPhone rivals. This has been said before, but there is a feeling that technically, the HTC is superior, but aesthetically, it is quite an ugly piece of work when compared to the iPhone.

The phone features Google’s open source operating system, ‘Android’ and will be available in the UK in early July. The Hero’s launch follows the launch of the new Apple iPhone 3GS. The Hero phone will feature widgets on the home screen as opposed to a menu, in addition, there is an “accelerometer”, which changes the view from portrait to landscape according to the orientation of the phone to name but a few of the  features found on the phone.


Google also launches AdSense for Mobile apps

After testing the concept, Google has gone ahead and launched a beta version of the AdSense for mobile apps. This will allow app developers for the iPhone, and Android phones to earn some revenue by displaying Google text and image ads. This will broaden the user base that will be exposed to Google adverts.


The smart phone market is showing good growth, and Google plans to be there every step of the way. And if history is any guide to go by, Google will be laughing it up, all the way to the bank.

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