Google ads now on iPhone apps?

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It seems Google is determined to leave no stone unturned in its quest for omnipresence. Google has apparently begun to advertise on apps downloaded from Apple stores. Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land captured this image in his related blog.

Here, we see that the “Urbanspoon” app has an advertisement for Pizza Hut that appears on top of the actual page.

If you click on the link, then you are immediately taken to the pizza hut page on your iPhone browser.
This follows the already extensive work that Google has put into using the iPhone as a marketing platform. For instance, Google will attempt to use sophisticated software to deliver search results using iPhone’s new voice search option.


Google’s Adsense ads have been available on the iPhone’s browser. The appeal of the iPhone as a marketing platform is that it fully supports HTML, which makes it an attractive target for digital marketers interested in mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is set to become a growing trend as more people use their iPhones for their mobile search needs. This is an area that we, as search marketers, need to pay attention to.
Statistics on iPhone internet usage worldwide differ from report to report, but the general consensus is that the iPhone is, or will quickly become, the number 1 internet browsing smart phone/mobile phone globally. Google’s attention on designing a series of features for the iPhone is proof of this. Welcome to the future.

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