What links do I need for my website?

In Link Buildingby Marius Badenhorst

If you ever browse through the online forums of WMW or even WPW, in the Link section you will always see countless questions on the value of recips, how many inbound links do i need, what links should i look for, are authority links better than 1000’s of normal links, etc…. the list is endless. The worst part, if that these questions are continually posted, with repeats.

So what is needed more? An authority link? a few? or 1000’s of normal links, whether it be reciprocals or 1 ways… Well, we have have over 50 clients in almost each industry, so link building is slightly different each time, with it’s own unique hurdles. But the common factor to get clients where they need to be in SERPS when it comes to link building, is a combination of links.

For example, having a authority link to your site, will surely get it indexed and crawled more often, an within a week or 2 spike your SERPS, the only problem i’ve seen with this, the rankings do not last, you have the massive jump, then they drop down a couple of pages and settle there, sometimes, losing a few of your pages listed, ie, 10 pages ranking high, down to 7 or even 5. But on that note, they are still somewhere compared to nowhere from previously.

Simply having a good couple hundred normal links to the site, yeah, only way to describe normal is to use the PR side, meaning links from PR0-3 maybe even PR4 if you are lucky(including reciprocals, one way, articles, blogs), doesn’t hold much wieght one their own anymore. Yahoo! will love it, MSN used to, not anymore, Google, well, unless you have the domain age factor going for your site, you won’t see much joy there, maybe 1 or 2 listings, but be prepared to sit between page 10 and 5.

Now we do know(most people in the industry), that links are not everything, there are numerous factors to take into account if the SEO for a site is to work, but for the moment just making the assumption that all the basics have been done, and it’s just the links we are looking at.

But now, combine the 2. What i’ve noticed with our clients, we have the standards links to the site, and add the authority link to the site, BAM, i nice even distribution of SERPS, obviously the fluctuates slightly, up or down a position or two, but hey, Google dance…

But once again, only a part of SEO, content is also a major player when it comes to SERPS for a site. So in other words, it’s the combination of links, so try not to be tunnel visioned in your link building efforts. And when it comes to 1 way links, forget the PR, inbound cannot hurt a site, only who you link to, will hurt you, outbound links also play a factor in how your site is ranked. And if the site has interesting content, my genuine link building efforts are spent more on looking for sites that are popular to visitors, that stand a higher chance of actually sending web surfers along to a clients site.

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