Digital Dogs and Clever Cats – Why You Should Bring Your Pet to Work.

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This month we’re celebrating what it means to welcome pets into the office. As a company that is slightly obsessed with animals ourselves, we thought it fitting to share with the world why having your four-legged friends at work is such a good idea.

There’s no denying that the internet loves animals. But did you know that spending time just browsing pictures of pets online can help you reduce stress and be happier at work? It’s no wonder so many people have dedicated so much time to their animals on the web. And actually bringing your pets to work could help boost your creativity by 60% and even help you get along better with your co-workers!

So, whether you bring Fido with you into the office to spend the day or you’re just  taking a break to watch a funny cat video online, we encourage you all to embrace the pet revolution and come barking along with us.


pets at work


Do you already have a fluffy co-worker? Enter them in our #WaggingAtWork competition for a chance to have them named the best office pet in all the land, while helping us raise funds for All Dogs Matter.

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