And Our #WaggingAtWork Winner Is …

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Our #WaggingAtWork campaign was a blast thanks to a rat, a cat and the majestic pooches that gave us massive heart-feels! (Cockapoo is the best breed name ever.) An incredible 26 animal-loving offices entered 32 different business-like beasts into the competition. Together, they received 1,346 votes!


And the Winner is…


 Watson – Catch Digital

Give This Dog a Bone!

The handsomest Boxer ever from @CatchDigital in London left competitors in the dust with 220 votes! This 4-year-old deaf rescue boy is a big fan of the ladies and runs half marathons with his dad to raise money for cancer and kids charities in his spare time. Just look at him. You can’t beat that. Well done Watson!

We’re Donating £500 to All Dogs Matter! Will You Join Us?

All animals matter. To show some support we’re donating £500 to All Dogs Matter, a non-profit that rescues, cares for and re-homes abandoned and abused dogs.

Show Them You Give a Woof!

If you enjoyed our #WaggingAtWork competition and your pet makes work a happier place, show your support for dogs less fortunate and join us by making a donation to All Dogs Matter – or an animal charity of your choice – and letting us know about it! Click here to donate!

Dogs At Work

If you entered this competition you don’t need convincing, but we did some research on just how much it benefits you to have a pet at work and you should share it – check it out in this #petsatdesks infographic!

All Dogs MatterAll Dogs Matter

#WaggingAtWork Special Mentions!

A few entries that deserve a special mention!


1. ‘Unrequited Dog Love’ Award

Our very own Cape Town office monster, Luna Baboon, came in second with 146 votes! She did it to impress Milo Skywalker in the London office – but he only has eyes for people with treats.

        Luna – MediaVision Cape Town                                   Milo – MediaVision UK










2. ‘Most Hipster Dog’ Award

American Apparel wearing, olive eating, journalist-wooing Otto Von Zigmeister. With an effortlessly cool entry picture and a social life busier than ours, he’s the top hipster dog from Stir PR.

Otto Von Zigmeister – Stir PR

Otto von Zigmeister


3. The ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ Award

Max the gorgeous rescue boy has been on the Jonathan Ross Show and is so cool he even turned down an offer to be in Downton Abbey! His goal is to encourage everyone to visit their local shelter to find someone just like him!

Max – Big Group



4. The ‘Breaking the Stereotypes’ Award

When it comes to fluffy butts, wagging tails and boundless joy it’s tough to beat a dog, so this joint award goes to Ashton Cat from The Tetrad Consultancy and our beloved rat Sparkles Stone for busting out of the mould and giving the canines some stiff competition!

        Ashton Cat – Tetrad Consultancy                               Sparkles – MediaVision Cape Town

Ashton Cat








5. The ‘Next Top Dog Model’ Award

This goes to Bauer from Market Reactive – She’s a model on her company’s website and also the head of ‘Morale Control’ around the agency – very important stuff for such a little dog.

 Bauer – Market Reactive


6. Freelance Bestie Award

Sasha from All Dogs Matter is currently being fostered. She’s the perfect PA and helps to relieve stress at work by providing cuddles and delightful company when she sits on the chair next to you. She deserves a forever home!

Sasha – Voiced London 


 Thank you to everyone that entered #WaggingAtWork!

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