The Meal, The Murderer And The Missing Cheese Board

In Just for Funby Marius Badenhorst

A head’s up on what actually went down at this years’ MV Cape Town end-of-year function…

We’d like to report back on an entirely respectable MediaVision Cape Town office end-of-year party.Unfortunately, however, some might consider that “short of the truth”. (We were joined by the UK’s Louis and Tom, and were tempted to pin this purely on them. Sadly though, that too would be somewhat of a fabrication.)

The Digs

Taking it from the top, what we can tell you (honestly) is that the office recently headed off to the gorgeous Lalapanzi Lodge for a Friday evening of fun, food and frightfully interesting events. The lodge was slightly more comfortable than the office. There was a pool. And a view. And a cheese platter that could put an end to all cheese platters.

Lalapanzi Lodge


The Entertainment

But perhaps most exciting was the evening’s planned activities.

A murder-mystery themed dinner required each party goer to adopt a given character’s persona for the better part of the evening.

This, while dramatically interrogating one another in a colourful array of trashy accents, attempting to discover “who done it”.  Add a collective of creative’s, ample alcohol, minimal inhibitions and some rather ‘fhaaabulous’ costumes, and what do you get? A scene nothing short of priceless.

Also, the lamb shank was incredible.


The Problem

On a personal note, I’d like to point out that as the newest member of the MV team, I was actually only due to begin at the office the following Monday. Obviously, I hoped my first impression would be an outrageously positive one. That is until I received the event invite instructing me to dress like trailer trash and adopt the persona of “murderer”. Turns out, being firmly instructed to lie through your teeth to your future seniors upon meeting them for the first time can be… mildly unsettling.

MV Office Party 2014 Costumes

Eventually the team established that I was the culprit, and I could be my naturally super honest self once more. (Coughs.)

The Awesome Awards

This was followed by the mandatory “Awesome Awards’ and fines for all varieties of behaviour (in the form of some no-nonsense shots).


The Point Of No Return

And last but certainly not least, a dance off featuring moves such as “the worm” and “toss the toilet brush”.

Bridget and Louis

The Morning After

No surprises, then, that the morning after saw joyous amounts of bacon, coffee, and OJ. Once fed and watered, the team made for the pool loungers to catch some sun and enjoy a final swim before heading back to the big city to face civilization once more.

Heading home with “awesome awards” and sunburns as souvenirs, the general office consensus was the evening was one to be remembered.

(Primarily because there were witnesses.)

Now that we’ve come clean, we’d love to be assured that ours wasn’t the only “interesting” office party in the history of office parties. Got a funny / embarrassing / perfectly priceless related story? Comment below! And remember; pictures, or it didn’t happen.

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