Marketing Campaigns: Funny Christmas Advertisements

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Not everyone likes Christmas. Marketers know this, and some of them have decided to target those people.

A bit of culture before the entertainment…

Every year, on the 25th December, Christian countries are celebrating Christmas values. I think most of us really love Christmas for its magical spirit; all those lights, those gifts wrapped in a glittering paper that we are delighted to offer and to receive, and above all, the food… oh yes, the Christmas food !

But we need to remember that Christmas has not always been so funny. Even though we tend to forget it, Christmas is a very religious celebration and is not celebrated or loved by everybody. I remember my grandparents spending their night at the Church on Christmas Eve and I am sure that some people still do it. Christmas is intended to be a highly spiritual and emotional time where Christians piously celebrate their faith in God and their love for others.

Using the emotional Spirit of Christmas always makes a good marketing campaign…

Remembering true Christmas values, such as sharing and giving, always makes for engaging marketing campaigns. As seen in the previous blog post 5 Steps to a Successful Christmas Campaign, some of the best Christmas campaigns have played with the emotional side of Christmas, emphasising the beauty of Christmas, and it has worked beautifully. One of my favourites is “The Journey” Christmas Campaign created by John Lewis. This highly emotional campaign depicts the brave journey of a snowman who only wished to offer a present to its lover.

In advertising there are different recipes to create a successful campaign and using emotion is always a really powerful weapon to gain engagement. However there are other winning solutions… much funnier!

Downplaying Christmas can also be deliciously funny if you have a cynical sense of humour!

I just told you that playing with emotions is a really strong marketing trick, which is completely true; however, using humour can be even more authoritative when it is well done. We gathered some of the funniest Christmas ads mocking Christmas values. Caution: take it with a pinch of salt!

  • Christmas should be the time to enhance your religious faith, but not for the media giant Canal Plus. Even God himself prefers spending Christmas Eve watching TV.
  • Christmas should be the time of generosity; giving without expecting anything in return. However this can be hard to respect if you have a tiny budget. Harvey Nichols completely understood that its audience were partly composed of people with a true passion for beautiful things but not necessary with the adequate budget, and created this amazing campaign of gift ideas for the people who spent all their money on their own gift. Hilarious!
  • Christmas should be a pious and conservative celebration, but Kmart obviously thought a bit of doggy humour for its Christmas campaign would not hurt.
  • Some people think that Christmas is never fully achieved if there is not an appropriate Christmas jumper. Coke Zero thought of all who hate those jumpers and created an app to create the ugliest ever Christmas jumper. The winners saw their awful jumper manufactured.

Ugly Christmas Jumper Made With Coke Zero Christmas App

Christmas is always a hard-working time for all women preparing a delicious festive meal, but Game found the solution with its Christmas Tinner.

Game Christmas Ad - Fake Christmas Meal

We must remember how Christmas is a magical moment for children as they expect Santa to come and deliver their gift through the chimney. Cake, a production company, gave a cynical explanation to eventual gift delivery delays.

What is your favourite ?

I have a clear preference for Harvey Nichols’ campaign as each year an evil little voice in my head tells me to keep for myself the beautiful Christmas presents I bought for my loved ones.

What’s been your favourite Christmas ad? Let us know in the comments section below.

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