Feathers, Gangsters and Mystery: Mediavision’s UK Christmas Party

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MediaVision Office Party

Last Friday night saw the UK team descend upon the Passford House Hotel to let their hair down for the end of year Christmas Party. With a 1920’s theme, all of us joined together as flapper girls, gangsters and paper boys for an authentic murder mystery. Coming in from the cold night was made even better by the cosy surroundings – we might not have had sunshine and a pool like the Cape Town team but the night’s festivities were packed with a decadent dinner and fun frolics.

The Outfits

There was a flurry of headdresses and sequins as the Mediavision team got ready for the main event. I must admit, everybody rose to the occasion and brought out their inner 20’s persona. The mix of ballroom attire and Bugsy Malone inspired outfits created a great atmosphere to the night’s proceedings.

MediaVision Office Party Outfits2MediaVision Office Party

Who Did It?

Of course, when the murder mystery officially began we assumed our roles around the dinner table. We split into teams to guess who the killer in the room was. As dinner progressed there were more twists to the tale as we were given more clues – let’s just say some took it more seriously than others.

MediaVision Office Party

The Mediavision Awards

After dinner, we had our own Mediavision awards ceremony. Complete with certificates, everyone got acknowledged for being the best at something. I was the best at telling stories, so after you’ve read this post maybe you can all tell me how accurate that is?

MediaVision Office PartyMediaVision Office Party

The Morning After

The next morning, we were able to fully appreciate our surroundings. Based in Lymington, the hotel had a rural country feel – complete with beautiful grounds and horses.  This was the perfect place to recover after the night’s festivities, thanks to the picturesque surroundings.

MediaVision Office Party 20141206_095336 IMG_5936

Setting off back to the bustle of London, we were very sad to leave this house in the country. Have you got any interesting stories to tell about your office’s year end function? We’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

MediaVision Office Party

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