Youtube Advertising Refines Itself for SEO

In Hot off the Press by Marius Badenhorst

Google purchased the hugely popular media hub, Youtube – in 2006 – and went on to refine Youtube advertising so much that the entire vehicle of video advertising by any business cannot take off unless it is strategically optimised with the correct SEO.

Since Google’s helming of Youtube the site has shown that it has a more serious side and business advertising now has more options available to clients, from niche to generic products or services. The most important utility within this entire dynamic is that the videos are now being optimised with the correct use of SEO. There are several Youtube advertising options available for bigger corporations with cash to splash easily spending $300,000 a day on one 24 hour slot on the Youtube Homepage Redzone. For this amount of money, and only for 24 hours, clients can utilise a fair amount of the Youtube homepage as they wish. The costs are pretty heavy, but if your pocket cannot cope with the corporations “small change” expenditure on advertising, Youtube offers other more affordable avenues.

As it turns out the most popular form of advertising on Youtube, at this stage is the ‘Trueview In-Search’ option which works the same way as Adwords in that the bidding and advert length are the same as Google. Youtube introduced customisable thumbnails, which means SEO comes into serious play as videos will need to be correctly optimised for maximum exposure. Because video advertising SEO is still in its childhood, keyword saturation of Google’s most recent scion is nowhere near that of its dad and bidding on keywords directly related to a certain business provides better results than it would on Google.

As the world of advertising has largely forgotten print, radio and television and latched onto digital adverts, it was a matter of time before video advertising would become the vehicle for next generation of creating business interest. Now that Youtube advertising takes off, SEO comes into the fold. Clearly it is only a matter of time before we are looking at another generation of new mediums but one thing this has taught the world; whichever way one looks at it, SEO is here to stay.

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