Mobile Search the Golden Egg of Paid Advertising

In Hot off the Press by Marius Badenhorst

Mobile search is new terrain for SEO industry professionals and marketers. With 15.1% of paid search clicks coming from  smartphones and tablets, the top mobile search engine showdown has begun. Will Google search dominate smartphone devices? Or will Yahoo and Bing finally upstage the brand mogul?

A report conducted by Marin software revealed that the UK is one of the top consumers of mobile search as of December, joining global forerunners Japan and Australia.

The increasing prevalence of smartphones and tablets has presented advertisers with favourable conditions for pay per click advertising and mobile search engines. Shunned by desktop users, smartphone and tablet users are more likely to engage with paid search adverts. The marketing industry has already begun to recognise the growing trend towards mobile by expanding their search budget from 3.2% to 9.3% in 2011.

Interesting facts from the Marin report include that the cost-per-click on mobile devices and tablets is much lower than desktop computers. Marketing agencies looking to adjust their mobile ad budget will need to keep this in mind when considering the mobile paid search click through rates, which are 54% higher than they are on desktop computers.

Ed Stevenson, the Managing Director at Marin Software, commented that “search represents the largest destination for mobile ad budgets.” With marketers and the public signifying the mass exodus of pay per click to mobile search engines, the impetus for Google, Yahoo and Bing is definitely at hand.

The critical growth opportunity presented by mobile search, and showcased in countries like the UK, will have dominant search engines, marketers and SEO specialists drawing up cut-throat strategies to outshine their competitors. With digital war on the horizon, smartphone and tablet users will have the final say on who will take the cake as the best search engine and optimiser around mobile town.

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