Google Hot Trends Updates With Images, Stories And Relevant Searches

In Hot off the Press by Marius Badenhorst

Google has announced yet another update to the array of prominent updates that will be affecting search, SEO services and the SEO industry as a whole. They are constantly rolling out new changes and many successful SEO’s and SEO companies are those who keep up to date and abreast of all the changes conducted, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem.  In this recent update, Google Hot Trends, now known as Hot Searches, has evolved and changed. This new update by Google gives the Hot Trends a crystal clear and magazine style look which includes images sourced from news papers, news stories, related searches and more. It has however removed the ability to search for Google Hot Trends by the required date which may prove an inconvenience.

The new Google Hot Trend concept depicts in-depth search results pertaining to its images and reference sources. Images from leading news platforms and channels are depicted as well as news stories and related searches, making the trend searched for, a trending search concept. This in turn gives authority to featured and searched for topics and sites, as well as to affiliates involved in the search; this all has an impact on rankings and Search Engine Optimisation. In addition to these new logistical and aesthetic features, one is able to see how ‘hot’ a searched item is. The relevance is depicted in an orange bar which shows the amount of searchers for that specific topic in a selected location. One is able to share this information on social platforms such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook generating even more vote topic. The ‘age of the image’ has dawned and visual representations on the web have not only become prevalent but play a major role in the relevance and success of search.   

The previous Google Hot Trends depicted 20 daily results but the updated version has introduced a new filtering system that helps Google make sure that the list includes only the truly ‘hottest’ news stories of the day. Google Hot Tends is also said to aggregate stories and searches in a more effective manner and the new number of searches section demonstrates how many searches have been carried out for each topic in a 24 hour period. Google Hot Trends updates on an hourly basis in order to to ensure searchers are fresh and ‘hot’.

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