Connecting the Dots with Pinterest – Another Arrow in your Social Media Arsenal?

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Social media, most businesses think they need it, few understand why they need it and to make things worse – around every corner a new concept is making waves. One such site that has made staggering gains in popularity within the last year is Pinterest. Currently people are queuing for accounts and analytics results are showing impressive gains in traffic and conversion for those that are engaged.
For me, Pinterest finally solves a dilemma I have been having with a particular client and their social media strategy. They are in a not-very-interesting vertical – Work wear. Who really wants to see the specials on kneepad trousers running through their facebook stream? Or would you follow the twitter account just so next time there is a special on hard hats, you can be sure to be at the front of the queue? These are simply not very effective areas to showcase work wear. However, setting up a Pinterest board showcasing your range is going to get seen. And the pins can link back into your twitter and facebook feeds. To me this was suddenly another display window for the website in the social arena. Granted it needs to be carefully implemented to avoid upsetting the spam police but well planned rollout can take care of that.

Over and above the traffic aspect there is also the SEO benefit i.e. the links count. {edit – Just found out that the links no longer count, directly however if the pin is embedded via embed code then it comes with a citation link back to the original source, which can actually count even more! This does however mean that your pins need to be worthy of third party embedding! – More details here. } Here is another opportunity at claiming a piece of real estate in the online space that you can completely customise with your brand, that will rank alongside other profile information about your business. This of course is yet another reason for businesses to become more aware of the social media space. If you don’t get your spot now, some other cyber squatter may and unfortunately, Pinterest currently has no processes in place for dealing with brand equity or ownership.

There is ever more pressure on businesses to integrate social media into their overall SEO strategy, not least because of the SEO signals that they give off but also the traditional engagement aspects. The challenge however with the continuous onset of so many new concepts and websites, is being flexible enough with the implementations to be able to evolve rapidly enough to match how consumers’ online behaviour evolves.

From the current buzz and feedback from early adopters this platform is definitely worth investigating. Do you feel that you could successfully showcase products on a board and attract consumers, or do you feel it would hurt your brand?

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