Bing Re-launches With More Emphasis On Social Media

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Bing has always played second fiddle to the monster search engine Google and in a stride to improve their functions, popularity and presence on the web; Bing has announced a re-launch with a strong focus on social media in search. Google Plus is holding its ground, but before that Google had a few false starts with implementing social media. This evaluation may be one of the reasons why Bing is attempting to fill this elusive gap and focus more on social media search.

Bing has had a certain social media search presence but this re-launch aims at making it better, primarily by largely off-loading social elements into a new Toolbar area that will entice users to install. The new feature will be available to users in the United States as early as the next few days and the rest of the world over the next few weeks. Social media and social search play a fundamental role for many a Search marketing agency and their SEO strategies. Does this new evolution to a stronger social media search presence indicate a valuable source for SEO? Only time and its popularity will tell. In Microsoft’s post that pitches the new functions on Bing, they explain a three column design with Core Search, Snapshot and Sidebar panes.

  • Core Search loses many of the social annotations that Bing has added over the years
  • Snapshot will provide additional information about a specific search listing without having to leave Bing
  • Sidebar will serve as a new home for social integration within search queries

The Social side bar on Bing

The social side bar in Bing vs. Google is the biggest change to the search engine site. The side bar features an array of social elements that are displayed depending on how relevant Bing evaluates them to be in relation to a specific search. When performing a particular search in Bing, the following social media elements may be shown:

  • Ask Friends
  • Friends Who Might Know
  • People Who Know
  • Activity Feed

Bing is attempting to fill a gap where Google did not have much success at filling with Search Plus Your World. The new Bing is now also using open web data that apparently has more suggestions from a variety of social networks than Google does. It is even including Google.

Time will tell how this new search engine integration with social media search will pan out. Against search engine giants Google, it only seems beneficial and profitable to keep innovating an evolving with searchers as well as in Search Engine Optimisation.

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