Microsoft Launches New Display Network (2)

Microsoft’s New Display Network to Use Data from LinkedIn, Outlook and Skype

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Search marketers received some exciting news this morning when Microsoft announced a new display network at the Bing Partner Summit.

The new Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) combines several new elements including Bing search-intent signals, Microsoft’s AI capabilities and the Microsoft audience graph, which will enable marketers to leverage data from LinkedIn, Outlook and Skype to target users.

The move gives Bing search advertisers the opportunity to use new Microsoft ‘Audience Ads’ to extend campaigns across various properties using two methods:

  • Audience Ads search-extensions: a standard approach that pushes ads to the MSAN, currently launching in the UK.
  • Audience Ad Campaigns: including dedicated creative and reporting. Launching first in the US then rolling out globally later this year.

Steve Sirich, general manager of search advertising at Microsoft said that MSAN and Audience Ads offer several notable benefits over Facebook and Google, including brand safety, the Microsoft graph, quality of the MSAN and the fact that the audience graph includes millions of people who can’t be reached via Google and Facebook.

MediaVision Head of Paid Media Jack Felstead says “these changes will allow users to target different audience groups pre-click. This means we’ll be able to segment audiences according to key demographics such as job title, industry and interests by device, location and keyword, allowing B2B businesses to target key decision makers within specific organisations”.

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