Is Your Digital Marketing Driven by Tactics or Strategy?

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It’s an industry that has shown immense growth over the past few years and that evolution has definitely not slowed down. In the digital realm there are many different elements that are ultimately all geared toward creating brand awareness, driving traffic and positively influencing the bottom line.


The Not So Good Ol’ Days of Marketing Online

Design, Development, Usability, SEO, Paid Search, CRO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, Digital PR – all of these components need to cohesively work together in order to be effective. If we look at the progression of the digital marketing industry, professionals used to be able to isolate some of the above elements and work on them almost exclusively to achieve their goals. They didn’t even use a well defined direction or plan to ensure that those individual tactics all came together and user experience & engagement wasn’t even a consideration for many.


Getting back to the Roots of Marketing

Today things are very different. Digital marketers have no choice but to return to the foundations of good marketing values to truly see the rewards of their work. And that starts with a plan, a strategy, a roadmap that allows you to effectively conceptualise your ideas and brainstorm your approach in terms of assets needed, and where to use these identified resources. A strategy is of course nothing without clear goals or targets that have set deadlines.

An integrated approach allows you to visualise a clear path towards well defined targets, and ensures that all of the tactics and elements used in your marketing plan effectively work together and are guided by a campaign angle or topic.


The alternative, of employing multiple tactics and utilising a number of platforms without a strategy to guide and tie everything together, is futile. By creating a well defined concept and plan, you are able to build a strong sense of brand awareness and drastically increase the chances of creating and nurturing a community of brand advocates that will ultimately assist you with your marketing efforts, all because they know and trust you.


The Importance of Brand Identity in Marketing

It is alarming to notice how many businesses and brands out there lack a defined brand identity with a clear and unique voice that is used consistently and effectively across Internet platforms and social media. How does one promote awareness of a brand without an identity or unique voice? How do you gain followers or build a community around an entity that has no personality?

Taking all of this into consideration, do you or your current agency have a well defined and integrated marketing strategy for your business, or are you merely employing disjointed tactics and hoping for the best?

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