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Our Top 10 PR Pearls of Wisdom

When venturing into PR it can feel like a bit of a minefield.  There will be an hour where every rule in the book applies and then an hour where every rule must be broken.   Almost daily the words ‘I wish someone had told me’ can float around in your head when a ‘PR crisis’ occurs.  So without further ado, here is my top 10 list of things ‘I wish someone had told me’.

1.  The importance of the little black book….

Contacts are the holy grail of PR.  It can take weeks, if not months to develop a strong relationship with a journalist – and this relationship can break in seconds.  It is for this reason that your contact book should be under lock and key and shared with no one.

2.   When the journo bites back

Everyone has a bad day and at one time or another, most of us have a deadline that is looming.  If you call anyone at this time, the chances are that they will be short with you.  Do not take it to heart.

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Calling journalists is a must and by far the quickest way to get a lead.  If a journalist is rude to you one day, it is very unlikely that they will be rude to you the next.

3.   Let’s all be friends.

With the previous in mind, it is crucial that we remember that journalists do not hate PRs.  Sure, at times we are a necessary evil, but a journo cannot work without the PR and of course, vice versa.

4.  The power of BCC

This may be a no brainer, but it is often overlooked.  NEVER CC a press release or an e – blast.  It is the fastest way to showcase your press contacts.  BCC is your new best friend – use it!

5.  Where’s the party at?

There are many misconceptions with regards to the PR industry.   A lot of people associate the words ‘Yeah, I’m in PR,’ with this…

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And in turn, the people in your life will think this….

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However, when entering the industry it is vital that you know it is not full of champagne and lattes. Expert knowledge of the brands you look after is essential as well as spotting a newsworthy PR story.  You are often chained to your desk calling every journalist in town whilst meeting last minute client demands. 

6.  Behind closed doors

A good PR can often be seen at a client event. As exciting as this is for some, it is so important to remember that the PR is not the star of the show.

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Working behind the scenes is crucial to an event’s objectives being met and press learning more about the brand.  However, no matter how many flashing lights there are, a PR should always be an expert at running the event from the side lines.

7.  Let’s talk

Public Relations is exactly that: forming relations.  The ability to spark a conversation is a quality must-have in a PR.

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It is always worth taking a mental note of what you last spoke to a journalist about.  You will be grateful for it when you want to spark a conversation when you bump into them at an event.

8.  Online is not the poorer sibling

The world of digital is rapidy becoming more and more popular.  With bloggers being held with such high regard and the internet ensuring that everyone is an expert, there is no other platform that can provide outreach on such a global scale and at such a swift rate.  By no means can digital be regarded as print’s poorer sibling.

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9.  Respect the Intern

Never underestimate the power of the intern.  Interns are not at magazines just to make tea and tidy the office.  They are often in charge of their own pages and can provide a PR with quality coverage.  Although the world of journalism is a competitive one, a sucessful intern can climb the ranks pretty quickly.  Be nice to them today; they may be an editor tomorrow.

10.   And finally, possibly the most important…

Don’t be a dick.

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