LFW Roundup – How Digital Gave Us Access to Fashion

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As London Fashion Week is set to finish off, we have a look at the round up of digital innovations in the past week and how digital marketing is continuing to give us, the common man (or woman), access to the magical world of fashion. In my last post on London Fashion Week earlier in the year, I spoke about how fashion was taking to social media to show off their new collections. This week has just proven how fashion brands have upped their game in every aspect of digital marketing for SS15. At the kick off of London Fashion Week, Natalie Massenet, chairwoman of the British Fashion Council, stated “The future of fashion is digital”. This statement is truer than even she may realise.


Power of the Online Celebrity

In this season’s fashion week, we have truly seen the power of the online celebrity for fashion brands. Vloggers and bloggers alike took to the streets and showrooms of LFW and brought their millions of followers with them as they spoke about, and Instagramed, their love for certain brands. A simple mention from an influential vlogger can garner massive engagement for a brand. Time and again this week we saw the likes of Jim Chapman blast out a tweet about his outfit or a show he attended, only to see thousands of retweets and comments emerging from his enormous fan base.

jim chapman london fashion week

Fashion titles are no longer the be-all and end-all of content surrounding LFW. More and more fashion brands are starting to accept and embrace the value of online celebrities and have, in turn, formed collaborations with them. Finally, the personable, if not slightly quirky micro-celebrity has made fashion and fashion shows accessible, not only through their videos, but also through the way they speak about it.


E-Commerce in Fashion

According to The Irish Times, some 43% of fashion designers now have their own e-commerce websites, a figure which is expected to grow to 100% in the not too distant future. Where before high end designs were limited to those with direct access, the joy that is the internet has brought fashion to the masses with the click of a mouse.

burberry london fashion week

Designers are using their websites for more than just selling products though. A dedicated site to their name means that they are able to create high quality landing pages showcasing their latest collections and campaigns, fashion stories and even live-streams of their fashion shows – a content marketer’s dream! For London Fashion Week, scores of brands and designers have transformed their home pages into a direct access showcase of their SS15 items, turning what was once a simple e-commerce store into an interactive piece of art and allowing consumers to buy pieces immediately after they’ve been shown on the catwalk.


Pushing the Envelope

A notable difference that we can see this time around is that brands are starting to push the envelope when it comes to giving their fans access to their lines. Topshop shared their latest collection with their Facebook and Instagram followers BEFORE the range even hit the runway, giving their fan base the very first look.

Twitter has also introduced a new ‘buy’ button, teaming up with Burberry to try it out during their SS15 fashion show yesterday so that people could shop the looks directly off the social platform.


Top Shop London Fashion Week

Fashion week has once again set the bar high when it comes to content marketing and gathering an engaged audience. Whether through internet celebrities, interactive websites or social media initiatives, online audiences were certainly given priority for this season’s London Fashion Week. Did you any see any of your favourite brands do amazing online marketing for London Fashion Week? Let us know in the comment section below!

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