Your Penguin Predictions: What will the New Update Bring?

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next-gen-penguinThe march of the penguins is endless it seems, and the world of search is braced for the impending update of the Google Penguin algorithm. Speculation has been rife ever since Matt Cutts announced that “the next generation of Penguin” was in the works during a presentation at SMX West; which areas will be the most affected by the latest update, and how should search marketers prepare for its arrival?

A post on Search Engine Watch predicts that all the data Google has gathered in recent months has left them far better equipped to tell whether a site has really “earned” its links or not. A post on SE Roundtable suggests that the merchant quality algorithm could possibly be the focus of the Penguin update.

Hatching Out the Next Generation

Predictions are varied, but regardless of the outcome, with Google’s webspam tolerance set to drop even further, it seems only logical that every agency should know the ins and outs of their clients’ link profiles, and ensure that they are beyond reproach.

What are your thoughts on what the new Penguin update will bring? Share your opinions and predictions with us in the comments section below, and let’s open up a discussion – do you agree with the opinions we’ve covered, or do you have something completely new to add? We want to hear from you!

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