SEO Tips: How To Use Your Old Content To Boost Your Organic Traffic

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Everyone knows fresh content is key for SEO. But the opportunity to drive traffic is always there, and even something small like refreshing a blog post can deliver great results.

In this post we’ll go through a small case study that we did for a client. All we did was refresh the content of an old blog post and the results were pretty impressive: a 307.57% increase in organic traffic in two weeks and rankings went from page 5 to page 1.

The Original Post

The blog post in question was from 2013 and was about a celebrity TV presenter. It hadn’t had a significant amount of traffic but in mid-August 2015, we suddenly saw all that starting to change. After doing some research we discovered that the celebrity was about to launch a collaboration with a fashion brand and by August, press coverage on the collaboration had vastly increased the search demand for this TV presenter.

We then saw, with some astonishment, that Google had decided this two year-old blog post was relevant enough to appear in the SERPs. At the time, the blog post ranked on page 5 for the presenter’s name exact match, and on the front page for the presenter’s name + the fashion brand name.

This change in the search demand and in the SERPs then drove a bit of traffic to the blog post. In August, organic traffic to the blog post represented 1.20% of total organic traffic and 2.5% in September. We figured that the blog post wasn’t the most relevant result for these searches, since users had probably heard about the collaboration and were looking for more information about it. So we had two options; either leave it as is and eventually risk the page ranking lower and lower due to a low click-through rate and high bounce rate. Or, refresh the content on the page in order to answer the search demand and use the current event as leverage.

Orginal Blog Post From 2013

The Revamp

We created new content about the fashion collaboration with the presenter, including information like the launch date, the spirit of the collection, journo feedback, where to find it, images and more. We also added essential SEO elements, like an optimised title and meta tags, optimised Alt tags and links to the money pages – SEO landing pages that bring most of the traffic and/or revenue.

Refreshed Blog Post

The Results

After refreshing the content and optimising the blog post, the number of impressions drastically increased, including CTR, which resulted in an increase in organic traffic of 307.57% going to this blog post in only two weeks.

The best result was by far the rankings. In two weeks the blog post went from position 50 to position 9 for the presenter name exact match, and the page is now the second highest source of the site’s organic traffic, bringing 14% of the site’s organic traffic.

Google Analytics Screenshot

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