“SEO is Not Dead” is Not News

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“SEO Isn’t Dead!”
Looking at the triumphant little headline on yet another search marketing blog, all I could do was sigh and think No kidding.

Are we seriously having this conversation yet again, so soon? Really? Weren’t bloggers predicting the death of SEO back when Google first unleashed the Panda algo update? Doesn’t the same death knell sound every time someone at Mountain View sneezes? It’s amazing we SEOs get anything done considering our industry is continually either dying, pronounced dead or recovering from the shock of its latest near-death experience. It seems like some would have us believe SEO is a frail, ailing industry that must be rescued from death’s door and revived time after time. And it’s simply not true. While certain strategies are sure to evolve over the years, and some black hat practices may die out altogether, it should go without saying that SEO as an industry is in no way faced with a mortal danger.

No, Google does not take kindly to black hat strategies that involve intentionally manipulating its algos. Yes, Google will continue to make algorithm updates designed to prevent fly-by-nights using these tactics. Yes, this will affect real SEO companies and yes, those of us smart enough to know the difference between providing organic online marketing solutions and simply spewing spam will continue to grow, adapt and not just survive but flourish. Because SEOs and search engines need each other. We challenge each other, pushing each other to think creatively and adopt innovative new strategies. And none of these strategies include pushing up daisies any time soon.

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